Dr. Sauter

Dr. Ellen Sauter is a naturopathic physician at TCNM. She sees patients Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. 

When asked about her practice philosophy, she replies, “The simplest therapies usually work the best, but if more aggressive methods, such as prescription drugs are required, I utilize those as well. I always try to use the gentlest effective means to return a patient to wellness. The mantra in naturopathic medicine is “Treat The Cause.” My job as a physician is to discover the root cause of my patient’s ailment and then begin to help them heal it from the inside out. Sometimes treating a symptom is what needs to be done to make the patient feel better temporarily, and western medicine does that well, but treating symptoms usually does nothing in the long term to heal illness, and healing is my primary goal.” Whenever possible, Dr. Sauter employs holistic and natural remedies such as:

  • Diet and lifestyle counseling
  • Targeted nutrition using specific foods and/or supplements to nourish damaged cells and organs
  • Enzyme therapy to maximize digestion and reduce inflammation
  • Herbal and homeopathic medicines, which are gentle and effective for many ailments
  • Physiotherapies, including;

Dr. Sauter has devoted her life to studying biological sciences and medicine, and she has a passion for helping people find their individual path to health.

She graduated from Washington State University with a BS degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology, after receiving an AA degree in Business Administration. She has a strong background in both business and hard science. She has donated thousands of volunteer hours teaching and counseling in various capacities, including in her church, and as a lay counselor for battered women and victims of sexual assault.

She earned her doctoral (ND) degree from National College of Natural Medicine in a four year post graduate medical program where she received training in all aspects of primary care medicine, counseling, nutritional, botanical, homeopathic and physical medicine. Her two year clinical internship was at NCNM’s Community Clinic and through the Portland Consortium of Community Clinics. She has worked at Mercy and Wisdom Healing Center, Mt. Olivet and Outside/In Community Clinics, Immanuel Senior Center, and the PCC Sylvania Clinic, where she practiced acute care, internal medicine, minor surgery, pediatrics and women’s medicine.

She has written and presented papers on human biological terrain and biological riparian zones, and has published essays and poetry. She is currently writing a book about prevention, treatment and nutritional support for Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

Dr. Sauter and her husband have three children. In her free time she enjoys family gatherings, hiking mountains and shorelines, practicing gentle yoga, cooking, and creating delicious recipes free of milk and gluten.

She can be contacted at Dr.Sauter@TualatinNaturalMedicine.com


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